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Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags offer the camper portable bedding when sleeping in the outdoors. Many factors go into selecting a sleeping bag that is right for you and your camping style.

  • Temperature Rating: A sleeping bag’s temperature rating identifies the lowest temperature at which the bag will keep a person warm. For example, a “30°-degree F bag” means that the user should remain comfortable if the air temperature drops no lower than 30° F. These ratings do assume that the user is wearing a layer of long underwear and using a sleeping pad under the sleeping bag.
  • Insulation Type: Most campers choose a polyester synthetic fill bag that performs well, is less expensive than goose down fill bags, dries quickly, and is durable. Goose-down insulation offers a highly durable and compressive characteristic that reduces its size for easy portability, but can lose its insulating effect if it gets wet.
  • Shape: Sleeping bags keep you warm by trapping a layer of air next to your body. Your body heat warms this air and the bag forms a barrier between it and the colder ground or outside air.
    •    Rectangular: Offers maximum comfort and roominess and the zipper configuration allows you to mate the bags into a double sleeper if desired, or simply fold out on a mattress.
    •    Barrel-Shaped: The tapered design offers greater warmth and efficiency.
    •    Mummy: Often used for backpacking, but can also be used for car camping. Its design maximizes warmth and reduces the weight, but is a little more restrictive to comfort.
    •    Double-wide: Designed to comfortably sleep 2 people and can be combined with an air mattress or sleeping pad.
  • Additional Features: These include bag shell and lining, bag hood, stash pockets, pillow pocket, etc carries quality, affordable sleeping bags for your camping adventures. Check them out and find what is right for you.