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Wildlife Paintings

Mark McKenna’s art is inspired by what he loves, the beauty of the West. He grew up fishing, hiking, backpacking, and site seeing, and has personally experienced much of what the West has to offer.

Like many artists from the West, Mark’s subjects range widely, but it’s his animal paintings that really show something unique. “When people respond to my work, I hear two consistent themes: First, the essence and character of the animals in my art are very lifelike, and they seem to have personality; second, there is a strong and consistent depiction of light in my work.”

“I love bold and deliberate brushstrokes, and I am fascinated by the happenstance miracles that can occur with a palette knife. As I am evolving as an artist, I'm continuously moving away from photo-realism. I don't need to paint every hair, blade of grass, or leaf. Rather, each element is only suggested by textural shapes of color and value.”

Mark has had his work featured in many shows across the U.S. and Canada. He currently lives in Powell, Wyoming.

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